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FoundationMade is a marketplace for premium themes, built using the Foundation framework by Zurb. Designers can submit their own designs for sale on the FoundationMade marketplace.

As the Foundation framework becomes increasingly popular, it is quickly becoming a great base to build upon for theming web sites. Foundation has an extremely powerful grid, and it is written mobile-first to provide extensive support for mobile devices. It allows theme designers to start from a common base with each theme they create. This also allows the purchaser of the theme to get familiar with a single framework, rather than becoming acquainted with a framework for each and every theme they purchase.

Scott Douglass Founder & CEO

Scott is the person who designed and developed FoundationMade. He's a web developer who enjoys all parts of web development, including front-end work with JavaScript, back-end work with PHP and Ruby, and database work with MySQL and Oracle. If you have any questions about the site or any problems, you can contact him at scott@foundationmade.com, or by using the contact form located here. You can also find him on Twitter @scottyd980.