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Prior to submitting your themes, we ask that you review our guidelines set below and make sure that you comply with them. This will reduce the chance of your theme being denied, and increase the chance that it is approved quickly. We check each theme against our style guide to make sure everything is up to our standards. In addition to these guidelines, we also make sure that the themes are up to our quality standards as well.

Theme Style Guide

  • Themes must be made with Foundation only. You can not use other HTML & CSS frameworks on FoundationMade.
  • Theme pages must be valid HTML5. Please validate them against the W3C Validator.
  • Your theme's default page must be index.html, for ease of use.
  • When updating your theme, you should include a detailed change log in the item description.
  • If you choose to provide a minified version of your JavaScript or CSS, you must also provide an original, non-minified version of those files.
  • Responsive designs must be just that, responsive. We require that a horizontal scroll bar does not appear at any reasonable resolution (down to as low as 320x480).
  • Your theme must have no JavaScript errors.
  • All assets used in your theme must be licensed properly or available for free commercial use. Any assets requiring attribution must be attributed within your item description. We require that you include the name of the author, the license that the asset is distributed with, and a link to the file's location.
  • Do not include temporary files with your theme. This includes, but is not limited to, files such as ".gitignore", "Thumbs.db", and ".DS_Store" files.
  • Your theme and it's respective documentation should not have spelling or grammar errors, with the exception of using a "Lorem Ipsum"-style filler text.
  • Other marketplaces should not be referenced within your documentation, item description, or item.