Licenses regular license

When you purchase a theme on FoundationMade, you are bound by the license attached to your purchase. Your purchase can be used in personal or commercial projects depending on the conditions of the license. Below are the terms of a regular license:

Regular License

  • The theme may only be used for a single product.
    • A product is defined as a single customised implementation of the item. (e.g. You add your personalized content to the theme.)
  • You may use the theme in your own product, or a product for a single client.
  • You may modify any of the content included. The end result is subject to the terms outlined in this license.
  • You may not resell or redistribute the theme purchased.
  • You may not use the theme for a project intended for resale or redistribution by you or your client.
  • You may not sell the end product, except to a single client.
  • Licensed components that are included the theme may not be used outside of the item. Your use is restricted to within the purchased item. You may not extract any licensed components from the theme.
  • You must use any licensed material within the purchased them in accordance with their respective license.