Abyss HTML Emails By dreamleaf

Using Zurb's very own email templates, the Abyss HTML Email templates take them one step further by styling in line with the main Abyss theme.

Taking the most popular Basic, Hero & Newsletter templates, the Abyss style is imprinted firmly without sacrificing Zurb's awesome layouts, an ideal addon for the main Abyss theme.

The Zurb templates are brilliant, but don't boast great compatibility across different email services, the Abyss email templates however fix this by using the tried and tested methods of having all styling inline to maximise their effectiveness.

Ideal for services such as Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor, you will be able to simply copy the HTML into their template editors and start adding your content.

Disclaimer It is important to note that there is no perfect HTML Email ever. Due to the nature and sheer magnitude of different email providers and there not being a standards compliant method of creating emails, every service does it their own way. Abyss Email templates are designed to cover as many eventualities as possible, but are not guaranteed to look great in every situation.


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