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Foundation themes are low in supply, and in high demand.
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Receive 55% - 75% of every sale

A lot of marketplaces are concerned over whether you sell exclusively or non-exclusively. After some feedback from our initial users, we decided that's not our business. You can sell your themes on any number of sites, and you'll still receive 55% - 75% commission.

Secure downloads

Rest assured knowing that your themes are safe. You'll feel happy to know that when someone buys your theme, the link they receive will only allow them to download it 5 times. This way, you won't find your theme around on file-sharing sites.

Starting out is easy

You can begin selling themes on FoundationMade as quick as you can create an account. Once you've set up your account, you can submit your theme for sale with a quick form submission. We'll review your theme and add it to the marketplace within 24 hours.

We Advertise For You

You don't need to worry about making your theme popular - we'll do that for you. We advertise our site, and that transfers to you. We do give you links to share on Twitter or Facebook, so you can increase sales of your specific theme.

Low Supply, High Demand

We think you'll find that selling here will prove to be profitable. With Foundation becoming more popular by the day, more and more people are looking for a base to start from. If you publish a theme now, you'll be one of the first in an unsaturated market.

Perfect Audience

On other sites, your themes are mixed in with a bunch of other things, many times with no relation at all. Compare that to FoundationMade, where your audience came specifically to find Foundation themes. You're much more likely to sell that way.

Learn more about what we request from theme developers in our Theme Style Guide.

Learn more about how you are paid on our Payment Rates page.